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- Among questions of customers the frequently questioned matters were rearranged.
- Refer to the above and for your inquiry will be guided if you send it to the bulletin board or E-mail.
How much is the price of machine?
There is price difference by model and for specification ordered by user the price may be added. If you ask for model name expected to buy (LPG, LNG or electric) via E-mail or FAX it will be immediately answered.
What is your payment method for the price of machine?
We decided the payment method by consultation with such consumers as TT, LC & etc
How long it takes by delivery?
Usually the product is producible between 2∼8 weeks after contract is made. It may have difference subject to the product specification and quantity of order.
How the after service is made?
The automatic walnut cake machine is a product has lower rate of out-of-order and highly durable since it is not used such electronic part as sensor vulnerable for environmental condition and automatic machine as designed by mechanical mechanism strong in durability. Anyone who has no professional expertise of the machine is easy to check disorder by the machine and repairable easily as it is designed by simple mechanism. When it is shipped out spare parts are provided with it and parts for repair are sold at your order. There is maintenance course of the machine by users' training program when the equipment is shipped out. Through this course the ability may organically carry out majority of repairs may take place by the machine will be cultivated. The automatic walnut cake machine has been exported to the U.S.A., Japan, Swiss, China, Philippines, Mexico, Canada & etc. since 20 years ago and is used well in the local place without direct support by Suhil Machinery.
Could you producible the cakes listed in the catalog only?
If the mold spec. is changed product in other type may be producible. The mold size of automatic walnut cake machine is decided by machine models. Within the mold size of basic spec. the quantity of cake can be changed that the cake type and may input into the mold.
Who is the major user of machine?
The confectionary firms who produce by mass at mall or factory located in the place where many people move round such as resting point, terminal, department store, shopping mall, subway, railroad station & etc. and who supply to many cake stores are the major customers.
Please tell me the place where the material for walnut cake sells.
Suhil Machinery Corp. organically developed taste, shape and manufacturing method of cake which preference is high by each country and transmits to purchaser of the walnut cake machine as well as how to acquire the material for the walnut cake.
From where I can learn for the machine using method and the confectionary technique?
The technique can be acquired through the users training program as prepared by Suhil Machinery Corp. and anyone who complete this training program may make delicious walnut cake without having experience with confectionary and machine at all.
I'd like to make interior of the place of machine placement (mall).
The interior at the mall is an imported matter directly connected to sales. The interior idea developed by Suhil Machinery Corp. is provided to the machine buyer and also conducts advices for interior to whom wants for peculiar interior.
I have no experience of confectionary business at all. I would like to commence confectionary business.
This Co. provides consultancy services as required by the business of confectionary as well as the mall interior for those who does the confectionary business for the first time.